Da Dao Training

In Da Dao clubs each student is given personal attention. Da Dao is an elite martial art. Our ambition is to train every student to be a master in the martial art. It is very hard to train Da Dao and it requires great efforts of the fighters but it awards them fast development and valuable fighting knowledge. The aim of Da Dao is to develop not only students’ physical and fighting skills, but also their intellectual and spiritual potential.
Every student learns how to form strong character and spirit while practicing the martial art.
Many women train Da Dao. We believe that men and women are equal. No matter if the student is male or female, they can become masters. So, in our clubs men and women train together as equals.

Da Dao Training For Children

Even the great masters have started training martial arts as children!
A brave warrior and a future champion might be hiding in you?!
In each Da Dao club there is a specialized group of children. By playing games and practicing various exercises children make their first steps in the field of martial arts. They acquire not only sporting skills, but also very important abilities like: coordination, calmness, will, concentration and they are taught to be more orderly.
Da Dao
teaches the children to be self-confident and more assured in their own abilities.