Total fight

Da Dao – The Total Fight

Da Dao is the martial art of the real contact. It is a style without conditions and mystics. Originating from street fights it keeps its simplicity and martial arts applicability.
To avoid limitations and the strict specialization of the other styles, we have a variety of different regulations and rules.
Da Dao is a highly-progressive style in the field of martial arts. It is a style of brand-new kind, a synthesis of the achievements of both striking styles like Karate and Taekwon-Do and the clutch practices of wrestling and Judo. It was created on the tradition and bears the most constructive trends in the field of martial arts. It combines the experience of the traditional systems and the attainments in the modern sports sciences and biomechanics.
Da Dao is the gradation and the height in the development of martial arts. It searches for the most realistic techniques and rules.
Da Dao teaches that real progress in martial arts is based on hard work and pursuit of self-perfection.
Da Dao aims to completely form the warrior as a theorist, fighter, master and sportsman. For this we always say that Da Dao is a complete ultimate martial art.