Da Dao organization is an orderly structure of independent clubs managed by one person. The leader and the senior instructor of the organization is called Rensei.
Members of the organization are the clubs where only Da Dao is practiced.
Da Dao is a united organization created by people with the same ideas, whose purpose is to develop and
popularize the Bulgarian martial art.

Posts in Da Dao:

Kansei – junior instructor
Sohai – instructor
Shihai – senior instructor of a club
Rensei – senior instructor and leader of the organization

Kansei can conduct single training, help the instructor of the group or even have and conduct a group himself.
To become a sohai he has to take part in a seminar for instructors and pass the exam at the end of the seminar successfully. After the seminar, those who have passed the exam receive a Certificate, which allows them to teach Da Dao. They are also given a chevron “SOHAI” which they wear on their chests.
Only those who are willing and deserve to be instructors are honoured to take part in a seminar. People of different technical degrees can be instructors. Every Sohai who has a club with several groups of students can become a shihai.

Degrees in Da Dao:

The technical growth in Da Dao is divided into three levels:

Elementary school (technical degree Chu)
Basic school (technical degree Lu)
Elite school (technical degree Tai)

The degrees in the Elementary school are three: from 1st to 3rd Chu - a white belt from one to three black stripes is the distinguishing feature
In the Basic school there are five degrees: from 1st to 5th Lu - a purple belt with one to five white stripes
The Elite school has ten Tai degrees - a black belt with one to ten gold stripes