Fighting stylistics

Da Dao – the fighting style of the future

Da Dao is not only a Bulgarian martial art, which embodies ancient traditions, but also a modern fighting system of a very new generation. A powerful intellectual potential stands behind the creation of the style. It helps the martial art to be on a brand-new level in comparison to other styles of martial art.
Soon after the World War II, the fighting styles split the martial arts into pure striking styles on the one hand (including all styles of Karate, Okinawa Te, Taekwon-Do and kick-boxing) and clutch styles like wrestling and Judo, on the other hand. This split marked a progressive trend in the field of martial arts. Those were styles that first popularized the martial arts and were widespread.
The development of the martial arts the recent years aims at creating a style of a new generation. It is the so-called synthetic style that includes all techniques of the amplitude fight. It also includes all techniques of controlling the opponent, throwing him down, wrestling and fighting on the ground.
Da Dao is the first synthetic style distinguished for its completion and exceptional originality.
We believe that Da Dao is the style, which will determine the fighting styles of the 21st century.