'Orenda' is a publishing house specialized in the field of martial arts, spiritual practice and meditation. It not only publishes books on martial arts, but also has the purpose to popularize the Bulgarian traditions in martial arts. That’s why it is called 'Orenda'.
'Orenda' was the name of the magical power that defined one spiritual territory (Sarakt), upon which the Bulgarian fighting spirit was preserved and developed.
The ancient Bulgarian warriors used special practice to cultivate this divine power.
The veteran warriors as well as the priests of Tangra and especially the Khan, were blessed with this power and they knew the secrets of how to cultivate and manage it.
Our ancestors believed that they possessed the greatest and truest inner power. Through it Tangra distinguished them from the other tribes. Thus, they were predestined to win and fulfill a special mission. The fighting skill of the ancient Bulgarians was also a gift from Tangra.It was inextricably bound up with the magical power 'Orenda'.
Da Dao has inherited our ancestors' fighting traditions. The style aims at reviving the Bulgarian fighting spirit and the self-confidence of the Bulgarians as one of the best warriors in the world.
Although the spiritual power of the Bulgarians may look similar to some eastern ideas, it is very different from them. The 'Orenda' of the ancient Bulgarians is undoubtedly more powerful, more pragmatic and realistic. It could be sensed in the life and fighting practice of our ancestors. It exercised influence on the techniques and the warrior skill.
The power and the knowledge for it have been passed down from generation to generation to present days.