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rensei Stoyan Tsvetkashki

He was born in 1968 in Asenovgrad. He lives and trains in Plovdiv. Before taking up Da Dao he had trained athletics and handball. He is the creator of the first Da Dao group in 1985. Since then he has been its instructor.
Rensei Stoyan Tsvetkashki is the chief editor of the newspaper and magazine "Martial Arts". He is also the chief editor of 'Orenda' - the publishing house specialized in the field of martial arts.
Rensei Stoyan Tsvetkashki is interested in the extreme sports. As a soldier he has been a paratrooper. Rensei Stoyan Tzvetkashki has participated in lots of fights and tournaments. He has fought under almost all rules and regulations. He was the Da Dao champion for 1993.
Rensei Stoyan Tsvetkashki has taken place in many demonstrations of martial arts. The demonstrations that he makes are unique and cannot be repeated by any other master of martial arts, or are demonstrated by him for the first time. Rensei has a unique style of demonstrating the Da Dao. All his demonstrations are skillful and a result of much training, not of deceit and tricks.