History of Da Dao

Da Dao is a Bulgarian martial art which embodies ancient fighting traditions. Even our ancestors had their system which ensured their priority in the fight. Since ancient times that martial art has been passed on from generation to generation. It has been an integral part of our ancestors’ traditions and culture. It was called "Da".

First proof for organised use of the martial art, as a way to achieve warrior skills, are the monuments dating from Siubigi khan Krum’s reign.

The martial art of the ancient Bulgarians included not only war techniques but also an ethics system, which resembled the traditions of our ancestors. It included the cosmogonic and religious beliefs of the ancient Bulgarians. The philosophy of the horseman, the ideas of Tangra, the land, the horse, the tribe and the freedom were also included in this system.

The fighting symbolism and how to use Orenda (The Power) were also explained there.

The ancient Bulgarians have demonstrated the merits and power of their fighting system "Da" in many battles. What we do today is not simply to copy that undoubtedly valuable and unique system, but to revive the fighting traditions of our ancestors. We also aim at proving that the martial art we are creating today is worth.

By giving the name "Da Dao" – the Path of "Da" to our style, we wanted to emphasise that it continues the old fighting system.