For centuries martial arts have been bearing the highest moral ambitions, and people practicing them have been considered the physical and intellectual elite of each society. The martial arts trainings develop very good physical condition, excellent coordination, strength, concentration and speed. Loadings induce adaptation in all aspects and build up complex personalities. Practices contribute to forming psychological balance, stability and achieving mental harmony. The idea of martial arts is to develop the full potential of personality, to respect truth and justice, to build up confidence and health of both body and mind. People practicing martial arts possess distinguished discipline, courage, full self-dedication and high sense of justice.

Da Dao is a highly progressive style of the modern martial arts, it is a new kind of style, a synthesis of the achievements of striking styles like karate and the clutch practices of wrestling and judo. It was created on the basis of tradition and bears the most constructive trends of martial arts. The experiences of traditional systems are combined with the attainments of contemporary sports sciences and biomechanics.

Da Dao is a style, free of unnecessary conventions and mystics, teaching that real progress is always based on hard work, persistency and pursuit of perfection. Apart from being a fighting style, Da Dao is a powerful system for self-perfection. Together with physical abilities its practicing builds up all spiritual potentialities and students acquire sensitiveness, which makes them better people and spiritual personalities.